Francesco Donnarumma
Ph.D. in 
Computer Science

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F R A N C E S C O          D O N N A R U M M A


You cannot speak and listen at the same time: a probabilistic model of turn-taking

Action Perception as Hypothesis Testing

Avoiding Accidents at the Champagne Reception: A Study of Joint Lifting and Balancing

Sensorimotor Coarticulation in the Execution and Recognition of Intentional Actions

Problem Solving as Probabilistic Inference with Subgoaling:
Explaining Human Successes and Pitfalls in the Tower of Hanoi

Nonparametric Problem-Space Clustering: Learning Efficient Codes for Cognitive Control Tasks

Learning programs is better than learning dynamics:
a Programmable Neural Network Hierarchical Architecture in a multi-task Scenario

Interactional Leader-Follower Sensorimotor Communication Strategies During Repetitive joint actions

The Intentional Stance as Structure Learning: A Computational Perspective on Mindreading

Dynamic Network Functional Comparison via Approximate-bisimulation

A Programmer–Interpreter Neural Network Architecture for Prefrontal Cognitive Control

Divide et Impera: Subgoaling reduces the Complexity of Probabilistic Inference and Problem Solving

Human Sensorimotor Communication: a theory of Signaling in Online Social Interactions

Mental Imagery in the navigation domain: a computational model of Sensory-motor Simulation mechanisms

Programming in the Brain: a Neural Network Theoretical Framework

Fast Incremental Clustering and Representation of a 3D Point Cloud Sequence with Planar Regions